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Welcome to the National Response Center
Anyone witnessing an oil spill, chemical release or maritime security incident should call the NRC hotline at 1-800-424-8802.
**Updated April 19, 2018** -  CERCLA and EPCRA Reporting Requirements for Air Releases of Hazardous Substances from Animal Waste at Farms.
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The National Response Center (NRC) is not a response agency. It serves as an emergency call center that fields INITIAL reports for pollution and railroad incidents and forwards that information to appropriate federal/state agencies for response. The spreadsheets posted to the NRC website contain INITIAL incident data that has not been validated or investigated by a federal/state response agency.
If you cannot locate the information that you are looking for, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act request in writing to

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If you are a government agency and would like to receive real-time incident notifications from the NRC or update an application previously submitted, please download and complete the below application. NOTE: Real-time incident notifications are for agencies that have a regulatory/enforcement or response authority for environmental, railroad, or maritime security incidents.
Application to Receive NRC Reports
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